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  Fast Track Flash Styles

> Developed with an eye to style and the latest advances in Macromedia Flash technology, Fast Track Flash Styles offer the look of original, custom-made Macromedia Flash animation at an incredibly affordable price.

> Fast Track Flash Styles give small to medium sized businesses an opportunity to use cutting-edge Macromedia Flash tools on their web site at a price that they can afford.

> Fast Track Flash Styles can be customized enough to fit the client's needs, while keeping a very short development time.

> Fast Track Flash Styles can be easily added to any web site as a site or section intro, an online commercial to draw attention to a particular item or special, or even as an electronic business card on a CD-ROM.
click here to view our Macromedia Flash intro!

> There are a wide variety of Flash Styles available in a range of sizes.
from small to large click here to view our Macromedia Flash gallery

> Prices range as low as:

Flash Style Price
Small $ 399.00
Medium $ 799.00
Large $ 1,150.00


These are on-time special prices, in Canadian funds for other currencies
click here for our Currency Converter.

:: Prices are in effect until January 31st 2002

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