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  Recent Site Development & Design

> We involve our clients directly in the web design and development process. During customized consultation sessions, we listen closely to learn as much as possible about your business.

> We then combine your expert knowledge and experience with our knowledge of web development and marketing on the Internet to identify opportunities for Internet presence.

> Our web design and development process is as follows:

•Determine the goal of the web site
•Identify the target audience
•Collaborate and develop possible content
•Create a draft lay-out
•Design, test and deploy the site
•Market the site on the Internet

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Services Section

> Characteristics of Our Web Sites

Some of the main characteristics we aim for when designing a web site are:

•Speed and ease of access
•Ease of navigation (moving from page to page through the site)
•Meaningful content that is presented clearly, and has value to the reader
•Visually appealing layout
•Meeting the client's stated goals and objectives

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> The Question Everyone Asks...

... the cost! Experience has shown us that it is best to have a flexible pricing structure, due to various client needs, rather than pre-packaged sites. So feel free to view our professional site designs to get a feel for what you might want. Then, to learn more about our web design service
and to discuss ideas for your web site, please contact us.

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