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  Scanning Services Document Imaging

We are pleased to announce our new scanning services that will turn your paper documents into electronic files.

Our scanning services use state of the art scanners and output to PDF or TIFF and burn the files on a CD or DVD, we can even deliver the files via the Internet.

Our document scanning and imaging services is done in our facilities located in Windsor Ontario. We charge per output page so you only pay for the scans files you receive. Our prices for document scanning are as low as 0.05 cents and output page.

Looking for a company to scan in your large format drawings and plans, or simply looking to convert your documents to another format? Look no further, your endless search for document handling stops here.

Visit our new doscument Scanning website at

Contact us today for more information and special rates.

Wide Format Scanning / Large Format Scanning
> Scan up to 36" x 48" and convert to digital format.

> Wide Format scanning for all purposes:

-Scan old drawings for archive
-Make copies for print
-make reduced-size prints
-save files on cd for easy storage
Multi-Page Scannning / Document Scanning

Ideal for converting manuals and other multi-page documents to digital format for distribution, upload to your website or to make multiple copies. We can scan your documents at 300dpi with OCR(Optical Caracter Recognition) and deliver a PDF file via e-mail or burn on a cd or DVD
Contact us for a free Sample!

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Document Preparation
If you require us to prepare your documents for scanning by removing staples, restapling, etc. We charge an hourly rate based on volume for this service.

Graphic Scanning / Image Scanning
Scan graphics and the possibilities are endless!
-Colour correct images
-Change format
-Archive / Storage purposes
-Image manipulation
-Website Purposes
-Marketing / Advertising Mediums

> We can also Scan 35mm negatives or 35mm transparencies

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On Site Scanning Services

We understand thesome documents cannot leave your business.

We will supply and the equipment and scanning operator on a daily basis, call us for a rate.

Contact us today for more information and special rates.

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scanning services windsor ontario
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