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  E-commerce Solutions

Versatility and Freedom Control every facet of your store, from merchandising to promotions and more. There are no limits to creativity with our On-line store.

SSL Security: Our state-of-the-art Internet encryption, compatible with both Microsoft and Netscape browsers, leaves your customers at ease with providing their credit card numbers online.

Database Integration: This system creates pages "on the fly" from a database of inventory as large or small as you need.

Search Feature: Make the shopping experience easy and convenient for your customers by allowing them to search your entire inventory database by keywords.

Intuitive Marketing Technology: Generate continual repeat business with this remarkable tool that actually remembers your clients each time they return.

Self Administration: Changing your prices or adding to your inventory is a snap with our Client Side Interface which allows you to make as many changes as you like.

Personal Shopping Cart Technology: Allows your customers to easily add items to their virtual shopping cart as they browse your store. This time saver automatically works out all the taxes and shipping costs to make the experience as convenient as possible for your customers.


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