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  Who We Are
Business Opportunity

Internet Marketing Consultant:

Considering Internet Marketing as a career?

>If you enjoy helping business improve sales.
>If you know the key to having a good income is you.
>If you see the Internet as a critical tool for business.
>If you want to work to be a part of a creative and supportive organization.
>If you want to work for the best Internet solutions company in Windsor.

We are looking for independent sales professionals to sell custom designed Internet Solutions to local business in the greater Windsor area.

We provide a comprehensive training program along with on going training and support. If you are highly motivated and want to succeed in the fastest growing medium of our time call, fax or email us with your resume.

Resellers Opportunities

We work with a variety of people and organizations to resell the services we offer. The products available for reselling include web development projects, hosting services, search engine optimization, and more.

We generally have two ways to recognize our resellers. We can either recognize them as lead generators or as full resellers. Compensation can be either in the form of cash or service credits, depending on the preference of the reseller. Compensation for these services is significant.

If you are interested in helping us to make our services availble to people and organizations you know, please contact us to discuss how these opportunities can benefit us both.


Who We Are
Business Opportunity
Reseller Opportunities


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