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  Audio - Voice & Music Services
Listen to your website?

We have combined the audio recording, creative script writing, and professional voice talents with the technical talents and state-of-the-art software solutions to produce audio tracks that load instantly and play in a matter of seconds- not minutes like other file types. Generally a 30 second script will be about 80K in size and about 5 K will be required to load before you start hearing the sound.

Why would we want to add sound?

1. Keep visitors at your site longer. Our clients find that the average visitor will continue to click through most, if not all of their pages just to hear all of the voice-overs.
2. Most visitors only stay on a page for 10-20 seconds… They stay longer if someone is talking to them.
3. Enhance the text content of your web pages by highlighting content with voice.
4. Play audio recordings of testimonials from your clients.
5. Touch another sense. Don't just touch their eyes. Stimulate their audio sense and effect their emotions.
6. Build a unique, professional image and leave a lasting impression that your company is a leader.
7. Increase sales.


Our Price is a competitive $295.00 USD
This includes the development and the installation on your website, we require a script from plus the selection of the voice and any background music


Change the message audio piece for only $99.00 USD per change, we recommend that the message should be changed at least 4 times a year to maintain a current, upbeat website.

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