JEV Marketing Inc. supplies you with your own Graphical Stats server. This server will give you all of the information you need to determine what the traffic on your site is doing. Some of the features are:

Entry Point
Exit Point
Referring URL
Search Engine Hits
Browsers by type

To enter your stats server, you can click on our stats server icon

Monthly Stats Report

Then enter the name of your domain with no extension. It will take up to the first 16 characters of your domain name.  Example: yourdomain

You may not be able to use your America Online Browser for this.  


If you have set your stats server to be secure your next window will be the permissions window. Enter your username and password here to enter the stats server.

After successfully entering the stats server, you will then have a Navigation bar to view the various areas that may be of interest.

Clicking on any of the Plus Symbols will take you to the various areas and sub-areas.  Any of the statistics can be printed or exported for later use in determining where and what your traffic is.

To change the date selection, click on the + and make your selection and then click update report.